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South African Pit Bull Federation calls for bylaws to regulate dog domestication – SABC News


The Pit Bull Federation of South Africa has responded to the latest pit bull attack on a child, saying the government and law enforcement are partly to blame.

Three-year-old Keketso Saule from Hennenman in the Free State suffered fatal head injuries when he was hacked to death at his neighbour’s house at the weekend.

The spokesperson of the federation, Lins Rautenbach, says that it is time to introduce by-laws that regulate the domestication of this breed of dogs.

“It’s a problem, and it’s a problem we’re now laying at the feet of our law enforcement and our justice system. A dog breed ban will not work in SA. Licensing must be returned. If a problem dog is passed on to a neighbor or friend, if it attacks, you as the owner are to blame. Then we need to see how these dogs are kept.”

Podcast: Pit Bull Federation of South Africa reacts to latest child death:

Residents feel unsafe

Angry residents of Fomolong township, Hennenman say they are being terrorized by pit bull terriers in the area.

A resident of the village speaks SABC News Makgala reporter Masiteng says he fears for the safety of children as the festive season approaches as they will not be able to play freely:

Olebogen Mosime

Mourners who attended Olebageng Mosime’s funeral in Bloemfontein last week on Friday say it’s upsetting that there are people who still claim pit bulls are pets.

Mourners said pit bulls are not pets but killers terrorizing communities.

The untimely death of Olebageng Mosima left deep wounds. Mourners heard how children were afraid to play in their yards.

Children and neighbors are still traumatized by the horrific attack.

They say that Massime’s death is the result of negligence and that neighbors should not threaten each other.

The family is still inconsolable.

Those present at Olebageng Mosime’s funeral insist that pit bulls should not be kept as pets:

-Additional reporting by Makgala Masiteng

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