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Mpumalanga government accused of frustrating student inspectors – SABC News


The Mpumalanga government has been accused of frustrating student traffic inspectors whose registration at Bushbuckridge Road College was abruptly terminated last year.

The provincial government suspended the training program after officials were accused of misconduct and corruption. It is believed that some students did not meet the requirements for the study, but unscrupulous officials admitted them anyway.

Mpumalanga Traffic College Suspends Program, Students Scream:

Students claim they are being overlooked for re-enrollment and that some will soon be over the age limit for the program.

One of the students, Basani Nkuna, called on the provincial government to complete its investigation into the matter and allow those who were released to return to the college.

“We were still waiting for the investigations, which were still ongoing, after the investigation we did not receive a report on what we are guilty of as individuals, and the results of the investigation report. But what happened was we were just thrown out without any knowledge and then we came back with some of our concern things like he said we have to re-apply but in the re-app there are people over 35 who don’t qualify apply more.”

Meanwhile, provincial Department of Public Affairs and Security spokesperson Moeti Mmusi says all students will be reviewed. He says those who do not comply have been notified.

“When the advertisement was initially placed in the media inviting suitable candidates to apply, the requirements were established. Some of these students unfortunately did not meet these requirements, they could not be considered because there are problems with the age, how these forms were filled and many other problems according to the directive of the announcement itself. We gave those students feedback about those events.”

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