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Azapa holds protest outside estate of Benoni woman who made racist comments – SABC News


Members of the Asian People’s Organization (Azapo) picket outside the estate where Belinda Magor is believed to live in Boksburg, east of Johannesburg.

A 60-year-old man was arrested over the weekend and released with a warning for allegedly calling black people rapists and thieves and suggesting they be banned and killed.

She allegedly made the comments amid calls for pit bulls to be banned following a spate of attacks on young children.

A criminal case has been opened against her and she is expected to appear in court next March after being released on caution.

Gaontabele Nodoba of Azapo says: “The picketing is mainly to heighten our discomfort, our disapproval and our condemnation of the racist, nasty and disrespectful remarks she has made against black people in general, black women in particular, and as Azapo, we say that there is no place here. for racists in this country.”

In the video below, police accuse Magor of making racist remarks:

“Horrible and miserable”

The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) described Magore’s remarks as appalling and deplorable.

SA Human Rights Commissioner Andre Gaum says: “The content of the voice memo is appalling and deplorable. This is undoubtedly on the face of it hate speech of the most appalling kind and as a result the commission’s Gauteng office will send a letter of demand to the respondent. Based on her answer, the commission will decide on the next step. This usually includes sensitivity training that she has to go through, as well as community service and so on. So I expect the demand letter will include that.”

Gaum’s full interview with SAfm’s Sunrise is below:

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