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Approved package to repair damage caused by metal theft


The Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (dtic) has announced Cabinet approval of a comprehensive package of measures to address the damage caused by metal theft to public infrastructure and the economy by limiting and regulating waste trade.

This also includes scrap metal and semi-finished products. Implementation of the policy measures will take place in accordance with what can generally be called a three-stage approach.

This happened after the publication in the State Bulletin on August 5, 2022 of the draft policy proposals on measures to limit and regulate trade in ferrous and non-ferrous metal waste, scrap and semi-finished products from ferrous and non-ferrous metals to limit damage to infrastructure and the economy (policy draft) for public discussion.

The Department received more than 2,800 comments on the draft policy from across the community, including businesses, industry associations, organized labour, state-owned enterprises (SOEs), government departments and individuals.

Extensive comments were received from stakeholders in the steel, mining, manufacturing and other sectors of the economy. All comments have been carefully analyzed and considered.

“Although these measures will affect the commercial performance of parts of the scrap metal industry, it is justified by the need for the government to act decisively against the scourge of metal theft that is plaguing South Africa,” the Department of Trade said in a statement. , Industry and Competition said in a statement.

In this regard, it is envisaged to implement the main part of the mechanisms proposed in the draft policy.

Dtic says the theft of ferrous metals imposes a significant cost on society, although less than that of copper theft.

“In the case of other metals such as aluminum and other exotic metals, the problem of theft is less but still a serious concern for the government. In addition, the general trade in metals and related exports provides cover for the export of metals such as copper and steel.

“The export of ferrous metal waste and scrap metal will be temporarily prohibited, but exceptions will be allowed. Ferrous metal scrap will be subject to a 6-month export ban, but unlike copper, exceptions will be made for stainless steel and ferrous metal waste and scrap generated in the normal course of business as a by-product of the manufacturing process.

“The remaining aspects of the trade regime are expected to be the same for both copper and non-copper metals. It will be necessary to take into account both buyers and sellers of scrap metal, as well as all traders of metal semi-finished products,” the agency noted.

The Government is grateful to the thousands of companies, workers, industry representatives, community organizations and members of the public who provided constructive comments and helpful suggestions. – SAnews.gov.za

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