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Accused 1 and 2 waive TT Thoban, trial adjourned to May 2023 – SABC News


The trial of the fourth state witness in Senzo Meyiwa’s trial has hit a snag. Accused 1 and 2 have waived counsel TT Thobane as their legal representative. Muzi Sibiu and Bongani Ntanzi are now represented by lawyer Sifa Ramasepele.

The court adjourned the hearing of the case to May 2 next year.

A new witness, one of the people inside the home the night former Orlando Pirates goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa was shot, was expected to take the stand. This comes after Meyiwa’s childhood friend Tumel Madlala finished testifying last week.

Monday’s trial began with a meeting between the lawyer and Judge Chifhiwa Maumela in chambers.

“I stand for accused 1-4 but there is a new instruction for new legal representation for accused 1 and 2,” lawyer TT Thobane told the court immediately after the meeting, lawyer Zandile

“I confirm my appearance for defendants 1 to 2,” lawyer Sifa Ramosele told the court.

“We were informed of the new developments before 10 this morning,” Baloyi confirmed. “According to the information provided by Mr. Thoband and Mr. Ramasepele, and subject to their confirmation, Mr. Ramasepele will hereafter take over the representation of Accused 1 and 2. He says he has received instructions from the parents of Accused 1. My Lord, these are matters beyond control. Mr. Ramasepele needs some time to go through the transcript of the case and the case file, and Mr. Thoban has also indicated that he would still like to have discussions with the new legal representative for accused 1 and 2. We ask that we pause for a while, for these discussions to take place.’

Ramasepele says he could not inform the court earlier because he was instructed to “hand over” the case of Accused 1 only on Thursday and that the matter relating to Accused 2 was only completed on Saturday.

“We now adjourn,” says the judge.

The State’s case is that on the night of October 26, 2014, two intruders allegedly broke into the home of Kelly Khumalo’s mother, Gladness, in Voslurus, where Meyiwa, Madlala, Gladness, Kelly, Zandi Khumalo, Longwe Twala and Mtakazisi Twala were staying. in the room to watch TV. The alleged first attacker, who was short, wearing a hat, dreadlocks and armed with a handgun, demanded cellphones and money. This happened moments before he was pushed by Longwe Twala when he (Longwe) ran out of the house just before there was a commotion in the house in the presence of the second alleged intruder before the shot that killed Meyiwa was fired.

New versions of what may have happened in the moments leading up to Meyiwa’s shooting and killing emerged in court last week.

During Madlala’s cross-examination on Thursday afternoon, accused 5’s lawyer Zandile Msholola cited statements from other people who had a different version of what happened at Kelly Khumalo’s house on October 26, 2014.

Meyiwa’s brother-in-law, Mlungisi Hlofe, dropped a statement in which he mentions that on the day of Meyiwa’s murder, he called Madlala, who gave him a different version that day to what Madlala has now told the court.

In a statement, Hlofe says Madlala told him during a call after the shooting that “there was a fight in the house. Zandi and her boyfriend Longwe were fighting and Senzo tried to separate them.’

In a statement read to the court, Hloof said he did not know who Zandi was at the time and that Madlala had told him she was Kelly’s sister.

Madlala refuted this version, also denying that he ever spoke to Hlofe after the incident, saying that his call records could be examined to verify this.

Hlofe’s statement was only made in 2019, almost five years after the incident when Colonel Buthelezi became involved in the case which led to the opening of Vosloorus CAS 375/1/2019, which named all the people who were in the house as possible witnesses.

Madlala questioned Hlofe only to make a statement almost five years later.

Mshololo’s lawyer also cited a neighbor, Khai Ngkatshe, who also testified that minutes before Meyiwa was shot, he heard commotion and noise from Khumalo’s house, which he initially misinterpreted as people just playing. However, Ngkatshe, in a statement read to the court, says the commotion continued, prompting him to get up and look through the bedroom window into Kelly’s house.

In his statement, Ngkatshe says that it was at this point that he saw someone wearing a white T-shirt leaning against the kitchen door at Khumalo’s house and then a shot rang out.

Madlala has denied the truth in these claims, attributing them to Colonel Buthelezi, whom he accused of pushing an agenda and creating confusion in the case.

Mshalola concluded her cross-examination, giving way to the re-examination of state counsel George Baloya, which he is expected to conclude on Friday before the state’s fourth witness is called next week.

A new witness is expected to appear when the trial resumes.

The current part of the trial was supposed to last until 2th December, before a five-month hiatus is likely to be announced, running into May 2023. Due to the fact that Ramospele will not be there next week, the process will not resume until May 2.

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