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Zuma urges KZN government to consider honoring struggle heroes – SABC News


Former president Jacob Zuma has called on the KwaZulu-Natal government to discuss ways to honor those who died during South Africa’s struggle for democracy.

He was speaking at a memorial service for those who died during the height of political violence in the 1980s and 1990s in Umgabab, south of Durban.

Zuma says many people have paid the ultimate price for democracy.

“I believe that the families who lost their loved ones during the struggle will be happy to know that there are certain days when their loved ones are remembered, I wish that this kind of commemoration could be discussed by the provincial government as in other areas. people who have died but nothing is being done to honor or remember them, their families need to know that their loved ones are our heroes of the democracy we enjoy today.”

Meanwhile, Zuma also urged members of the African National Congress (ANC) to avoid factionalism.

“Why do you stop calling yourself a member of the ANC and decide to call yourself something else? These factional names like Adewele, Talibans and Ankoles, are you serious comrades? This contributes to the fact that the ANC is not united. If we are so factional, if we will focus on liberating the country, if we will unite.”

“We must be united and focused on running the country. Listen, we’re going to a conference, there’s so much bad stuff, with our comrades who died fighting. If they were given a chance to look at us, what would they say about us? We need to fix our organization,” he adds.

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