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The SACP supports the public sector strike


Civil service workers are expected to go on strike on Tuesday over a dispute with the government.

Civil Servants Association strike in Pretoria, 10 November 2022. Photo: Jacques Nel/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG – The South African Communist Party (SACP) has expressed its support for civil service and administrative workers who are expected to go on strike over a dispute with the government.

The strike – called a National Day of Action – is expected to take place on Tuesday.

It follows Friday’s impasse between the government and at least seven civil service unions after the Department of Public Service and Administration announced plans to advance its pay proposal.

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The government has confirmed its offer of 3% of pensionable earnings, with an additional 4.5% of non-pensionable benefits, bringing the total wage offer to 7.5%.

But the unions rejected the offer at the bargaining council, saying they wanted 10% plus benefits. The workers threatened to declare an indefinite strike if the government refused to renegotiate the negotiations.

The 3% pension offer came into effect on this month’s pay day.

The SACP said that due to the South African Reserve Bank’s interest rate hikes and the general increase in the cost of living, wages are directly affecting workers.

‚ÄúThis is the context in which everyone needs to understand the ongoing dispute at the Coordinating Council for Public Service Negotiations. The workers are right to demand acceptable wages that cover their losses and respond to the rising cost of living,” the Communist Party said in a statement.

Trade union federations Cosatu, Saftu and Fedusa are set to march on the Treasury offices on Tuesday in the second phase of protests.

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