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The owner of two pit bulls, one of which killed a 3-year-old boy in Hennenman in the Free State, will return to the local magistrates’ court on Wednesday.

Lebohang Pali, 21, appeared in court on Monday and was released on bail of 300 rand. He was arrested on Sunday for allegedly violating the law on keeping vicious dogs.

This comes after Keketsa Saule was mauled to death by his dog last weekend.

The dog allegedly escaped from the enclosure and jumped over the fence. He then attacked the child who was playing, biting him hard on the neck and chest. The boy was pronounced dead at the scene.

Experts say injuries, pain and suffering are some of the things a parent can claim against an owner. They will also need to prove that the victim was in his rightful place at the time of the incident.

According to legal expert Machini Motlunga, the parents also need to show that the dog was not provoked. Motlun says that if the parents sue, there will be a factual investigation where the owners explain how they took care to keep the dog from escaping and whether warning signs were visible in their yard.

“The parents witnessed this horrific incident and in this case they can claim both special and general damages. As for special damages – we’re talking about damages that can be quantified, easily determined, like funeral expenses, they can claim that. And in terms of general damages – they can, because they observe this incident, they can claim nervous and emotional shock and trauma.”

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