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Family, friends and neighbors sing DJ Sumbody’s praises as mourners pay their last respects – SABC News


Nightclub sensation and business owner, Oupa ‘DJ Sambodi’ Sefoka, has been laid to rest in his home village of Ga Masemola, Sekukhune in Limpopo.

Speaking at his funeral, Sefoka’s brother and business partners said he became paranoid after the three shootings. One of the shootings happened outside one of his nightclubs, Top Notch. DJ Sumbody and a bodyguard were killed in a hail of bullets in Woodmead, Sandton, on Sunday morning last week.

Hundreds of people in attendance paid their last respects to Oupa Sefok, who his DJ friends like to call the Mayor of Pretoria. While saying goodbye to him, music was played, which is usually played in night clubs. The famous musician and businessman was known for his hits Ayep and “Monate Mpolaye”.

He also owned several nightclubs in Gauteng.

Sefoka was born in Pretoria but his family hails from Ga Masemola in Sekuhun. His brother, Kaketso Sefoka, praised the bodyguards for putting their lives at risk to protect DJ Sumbody during previous attempts to kill him.

“Walter Mokoena thank you very much, you had a good fight. You put your life on the line for my brother in all three attempts on his life. Those who took my brother’s life, you could have taken his life but his quality and legacy won and I will fight for that – I am my brother’s keeper,” said the late DJ Sumbody’s brother.

DJ Tshepi Ranamane’s friend says he was a humble man but was killed as a gangster. Ranamane laments that the way Sefoka was killed led to people spreading false information that he was a drug dealer.

“He was modest, respectful – a guy who wouldn’t hurt a fly. The way he was brutally shot, as if he was some kind of thug, so now there is a conspiracy that he was a thug or a drug dealer. I’m sorry guys, the guy wasn’t one of those things,” Ranamane claims.

Friends and neighbors describe DJ Sumbody as a selfless person who supports others in the music industry. Some of the mourners say that his death touched them deeply.

“I’ve known DJ Somebody since I was very young. I used to follow his music, his song Monate Mpolaye he is the one who made me love him and his death really touched us deeply. I was a great friend of Sumboda, so now I have lost a lot because I had some success in life,” said one of the mourners at Sefako’s funeral.

DJ Samboda laid to rest:

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) commander-in-chief Julius Malema says police must do more to find Sefoka’s killers.

“Why Bheki Chele? Until today, the prime minister has not announced 72 hours to find the killers of DJ Sumbody because if you arrest the killers of DJ Sumbody, you will create confidence. Without arrest [we] will never find closure. We are not happy because we need an interesting person,” says Malema.

Sefok’s second bodyguard was injured in the attack and is in a critical condition in hospital.

Funeral for DJ Sumbody on November 26, 2022:

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