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Extra police deployed at Lebomba border post for festive season – SABC News


More than 160 policemen have been deployed at the Lebomba border post ahead of the festive season. A joint operation of the police, the National Security Agency and the Ministry of Internal Affairs assessed the state of readiness to ensure uninterrupted work during the December holidays.

Border posts have also been increased to deal with the influx of vehicles and travelers that will be crossing from both countries.

The Lebomb border post is one of the busiest in the country for travelers heading to Mozambique. Traffic is also a nightmare this season. Law enforcement agencies and government agencies have announced their readiness for the holiday season.

Provincial Police Commissioner Semakaleng Manamela says more police have been deployed to deal with illegal activities.

“We also have some motorcycle participants who are going to maneuver in case the traffic is very heavy. Motorcycle drivers will help keep trucks and vehicles under control. We also have members of Criminal Intelligence who are going to be on the ground to ensure that information is gathered. We will know how to solve the problem of crime.”

Due to the suspension of the rules on COVID-19, the number of vehicles and travelers is expected to increase in the country

Less traffic jams

Border Management Deputy Commissioner David Chelembe says heavy vehicle congestion will be cleared seven kilometers before the border to ease congestion.

“Currently, we are making sure that all the plans, like your holiday season, we are coordinating with all the government departments, we are calling all of them. We have looked at the plan in readiness and are happy with it.”

Traders were seen preparing their stalls with their goods ahead of the festive season. Travelers welcomed additional police and border guards at the border.

“Even on this side, the security is not very high. There are a lot of thieves here at night, you can’t even walk to the garage from here, so I know if they can increase the security, it could be good.”

Traffic jams are already visible at the Lebomb border crossing. Border guards believe that with the early deployment, travelers will have a smooth process at the port of entry.

Work 24 hours

Now the Lebomb border post works 24 hours a day. In April of this year, in Rezano Garcia, Mozambique, the authorities of both countries announced their bilateral agreement. Negotiations between Mozambique and South Africa on the 24-hour operation of the Lebomba border post began in 2015.

Last December, more than 600 people were arrested and deported for trying to cross the border in Nkamazi district.

Authorities at the Lebomb border crossing have arrested more than 600 hundred people trying to cross the border illegally: December 24, 2022.


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