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Benoni woman accused of racism and hatred to appear in court in March 2023 – SABC News


A Benoni woman is due to stand trial in March 2023 after being released on bail for allegedly calling black people rapists and thieves and calling for them to be banned and killed.

Belinda Magor, 60, was arrested on Saturday after a criminal case was opened against her. Her voice memo went viral on social media after allegedly making comments in defense of pit bulls.

It follows calls to ban the dog breed as pet attacks on young children continue to rise.

Police spokeswoman Brenda Muridili added: “Police in Gauteng can confirm that the Crimean injury case has been opened following a voice recording on social media calling for black people to be banned instead of pit bulls. The 60-year-old suspect was detained and released on bail the same day. She will appear in court on March 27, 2023.”

Meanwhile, South Africa’s human rights commissioner Andre Gaum says the voice memo is hate speech.

“The South African Human Rights Commission is in possession of the voice memo in question, purportedly from Belinda Magor. The content of this voice note is appalling and deplorable. This is undoubtedly hate speech of the most horrific kind on the face of it. As a result, the Gauteng Provincial Office of the Commission will send a letter of demand to the respondent. Based on her answer, the commission will decide on further steps,” adds Gaum.

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