Chief Justice Raymond Zonda gave the green light to make minor amendments to the state capture report.

Zonda, who chaired the State Capture Commission, applied in the High Court in Pretoria in August for permission to correct errors in the report, which included numerous grammatical and linguistic errors and incorrect figures.

The court has since given permission to the chief justice to make the changes TimesLIVE.

In a ruling handed down by Deputy President Justice Aubrey Ledwaba on Wednesday, the court ruled that redacted versions of the two volumes of the report could be handed over to President Cyril Ramaphosa.

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It should be done by October 10.

Zonda was also allowed to add an analysis of the testimony of two witnesses that was inadvertently omitted from the final report.

At the time he addressed the court, the chief justice insisted that the corrections would not harm anyone and would be in the public interest, adding that the errors in the report were due to exhaustion.

Citizen It was previously reported that the commission, which has spent more than 1 billion rand, has collected more than 100,000 pages of material from more than 300 witnesses since the inquiry began in 2018.

“Political Will”

Ramaphosa told MPs last month that there was “political will” to deliver the final report to Parliament on time.

The president must submit a report on the state capture on October 22, as well as a plan of actions to implement the report’s 358 recommendations.

“We’re looking at how that affects our own implementation timelines, [but] the implementation plan is being finalized. There is political will.

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“If we bring the implementation plan to parliament, that’s when the will of the government will be clear, that we are really serious and we have the will to do it,” he said during a question-and-answer session on September 29.

He also said the plan would indicate which recommendations were prioritized for implementation.

“The work that is currently underway to address these recommendations does not mean that we have waited for this response plan to be brought forward to begin the process of implementing the recommendations made by the commission,” continued Ramaphosa.


Meanwhile, parliament has already begun to set up “appropriate systems” to process and monitor the execution of Zondo’s reports.

In May, the Joint Ethics Committee was tasked with investigating possible breaches of the parliamentary code of conduct in the era of state capture.

This applies to current members who were serving in Parliament when any alleged misconduct occurred.

Ramaphosa has already tabled the third and fourth volumes of state capture reports in parliament.

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