As destroyed by the flood KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) is preparing for a cold front that is expected to bring more rain over the weekend, Prime Minister Sila Zikalala warned of the possibility of new floods in the province.

Zikalalo appealed to the media to provide information on the work done so far to support affected families, rebuild the province and grow the economy after the KZN floods in April.

The briefing came after a meeting of the regional executive council on Wednesday.

Zikala said the provincial government had received a warning of severe weather conditions from the South African Meteorological Service over the coming weekend.

“We are advised that if an additional 20 mm of rain falls in KwaZulu-Natal, there is a possibility of flooding as the soil may still be saturated after the recent heavy rains. We were advised to wait for snow and frost. “

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The prime minister said that while the province had barely recovered from previous deadly floods, he assured residents that all disaster relief teams would be on full alert.

“We urge our fellow citizens to be aware, especially those who may be in flooded areas. Everyone should be very careful, and we urge people to be careful, because they use self-heating mechanisms, including gas heaters, etc. “.

Zikala warned that many areas and infrastructure remain vulnerable.

“We need to do everything we can to quickly avoid disasters.”

According to him, 85,280 people were affected by the flood.

“A total of 448 deaths in terms of the final report have been confirmed as the base official figure confirming the death toll. A total of 88 people are still missing … and 50 are injured.

“A total of 27,069 houses were affected, 8,584 houses were completely destroyed and 13,536 partially,” Zikalalo said.

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He added that the floods were the worst recorded disaster in the province’s history.

“The cost of damage to public infrastructure from floods is officially estimated at 25 billion rubles.”

Zikalala also expressed concern that thousands of people across the province are in the halls waiting for government help.

“It is important that we cure unfortunate selective amnesia, especially among those who like to feast on the tragedy and suffering of fellow citizens. Since the day of the flood, the government has been at the forefront, activating and physically supporting our disaster relief operations. The national government led by His Excellency President Cyril Ramaphosa has been with us since those difficult days. “

“We have made sure that all the affected people are safe and meet their basic needs on a daily basis. Currently, the province has 91 places used as shelters (out of 102) to accommodate 7,297 displaced people. The government and the social partners provide, among other things, food, food kits, blankets, hygiene kits and psychosocial support services, ”Zikalala said.

Zikalala added that most services have been restored and that the province is dealing with those areas that need new infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the African National Congress (ANC) in KZN is expected to receive much-needed relief from flood victims on Friday.

Donations will be received from the leadership of various ANC provinces in response to the plight of people affected by the recent floods.

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