Pastor Sandton managed to go viral on social media after sharing unwanted marriage tips on his social media. According to Pastor Dr. Thomas Mukala, a man should allow his wife access to his cell phone as well as to his financial transactions.

The message was distributed by thousands and was published by a number of local publications. It also received mixed reactions from husbands asking for a breakup.

The pastor says husbands should not keep cell phones and money from wives

The local man of God, Thomas Mukala, managed to shake many feathers with his advice about marriage.

The pastor, who often shares advice on relationships by flaunting his happy marriage, shared that the key to that happy marriage is to give your wife full access to things that are sometimes considered private in a marriage, such as cell phone passwords and financial interactions.

In a lengthy Facebook post posted on Sunday, May 15, the pastor wrote that men should trust women with their cell phones just as women trust men with their lives, bodies and children.

“What are you hiding? Why doesn’t she know your password? Either you are hiding a woman, or money transactions, or misusing your money. Marriage requires full disclosure, ”he wrote, adding:

“So many women are insecure about their marriage because of the secrets around a man’s phone. Your wife needs to know every deal you make. Why do you work so hard if not for your family?

“Your men’s money is not your money, it is family money. God bless you to support your family. It is your honor to pass the salary to your wife. “

Husbands and wives of Mzansi enter

Not every guy agreed with what the doctor said. Especially a lot of people frowned at the part where he advised her husband to take their salaries. Here are some of their comments:

Itumeleng Thobe said:

“My partner has limited access to my phone, some conversations are not meant for her because people around me trust me. these conversations have nothing to do with our relationship and have no effect on them. she has no right to do so and vice versa. let’s not see the relationship as a contractual obligation … “

Xolani Yase said:

“What works for you keeps it in your home, stop dictating how to manage other marriages and families. You are not God. You are not given to us as a reference tool. Stop putting unnecessary pressure on us. “

Colo McGamele said:

“All I can say is that most men who are against their wives having access to phones, betray and have so much to hide, no one will be uncomfortable jumping if they have nothing to hide. we all know that’s the case, but if you feel there should be privacy in it, you’re hiding something, otherwise you won’t have a problem with your wife holding it or knowing your password, finish and cloar.

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