It was a day of wild applause from Michali Ndamas after she responded to rumors on social media about her personal life.

Influencer and beauty blogger targeted fans who posted nasty messages to her family on Instagram Story on Thursday afternoon.

But it’s not over yet …


Although the controversial blogger of celebrity Musa Havul is known for his savage accusations against the biggest stars of Mzansi, his latest attack on Mihlali seemed too personal.

Earlier, after accusing Mihlali of allegedly dating married man Liro Sidambe, on Thursday afternoon Musa again mocked a beauty blogger over her Malakyt business, a business directory of beauty professionals in South Africa.

He wrote on Twitter from his official account: “You will not be allowed to use the Malakyt program, which no one asked the girl to fly to Boots for nails. They write jokes themselves ”.

Musa’s comment is related to Mihlali’s earlier tweet, in which she asked her followers on Twitter if she was “superfluous” when her manicurist arrived from Botswana.

Another tweet added, “You guys are collaborating with these so-called companies that you have? Couldn’t you enter your program and find an SA-based manicure technique? ”

But Michali was not surprised and defended his actions, answering: “They are not so good, I’m so tired of being disappointed with my sisters.”


And unlike Musa’s previous tweets about her, Michali wasn’t going to let go of this one.

She applauded the mysterious blogger: “You need to worry about the whole murder case, I don’t think it’s a luxury to fly a nail technician into the country and it should be your concern, my child.”

Michalli was referring to unfounded allegations on social media that Musa was allegedly involved in the murder of a friend.

But just as the twists were still digesting information about the bomb, Musa slapped Michal.

He wrote on Twitter: “Dukes wander with everyone, this is a confirmed fact. It remains to confirm the accusation, and that’s it.

“Forbes 30 to 30 years of fornication are what everyone knows. Launch your stupid YouTube channel at the expense of taxpayers. Good luck “

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