Controversial YouTuber Slik Talk issued a stern “warning” on March 8 this year to actress Natasha Tahane, when her pregnancy became known.


Blood and water actress Tahane announced she was pregnant in March. Many have suggested that Orlando player Pirates Tembinkosi Lorch was the father of her child, as it is known that the couple has been dating since their “chaining” in Zanzibar in June 2021.

Slik Talk also jumped to rumors that Lorch is a “daddy’s dad,” but he wasn’t impressed. He publicly told Natasha that this was one of the worst mistakes she could make because the footballer would “disappoint” her.

“It’s one of the worst mistakes you’ve ever made in your life, you don’t ask a guy like Lorch. He is a full responsibility, a fraud and an inflated favorite of the media. He will disappoint you every time, ”he said.

He then called Lorch a clown.

“With a guy like Lorch, you can’t have a baby, he’s an embarrassment. I’m a fan of Orlando Pirates. You know how much money I lost because of this clown? Do you know how long I had to endure because of this clown? He just embarrassed us this weekend, and you’re going to be hooked on a clown like Lorch, ”he continued.

No confirmation that Lorch is a “daddy’s dad”

Lorch has not yet confirmed or denied that he is in fact the father of Natasha’s child. It is believed that Natasha gave birth to a child in late April.

The South African asked Lorch for comment, but there was no answer at the time of publication.

Actress Natasha Tahane shared the first look of her newborn baby. Is the Orlando Pirates star Tembinkossi Lorch a “daddy’s dad?” Image via Instagram @natasha_thahane

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Slik Talk told Natasha that Lorch would disappoint her every time. Why tell him that? Perhaps he was referring to the story of Lorch’s relationship, which was marred by controversy.

The Orlando Pirates player was arrested for allegedly attacking his then-girlfriend Nokufiva Matitibala in September 2020. He was later released on bail of 2,000 rupees.

The Sowetan reports that Lorch allegedly hit and strangled Matitibal after she asked him where he was, after his absence for six hours.

The case was temporarily withdrawn in January 2021. Was this a way to warn Natasha in Slik Talk?

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