“Python 3.11 will bear fruit from CPython’s many years of efforts to make Python a faster programming language,” ZDNet reported.

“Core Python developer (CPython) Mark Shannon shared details about the project to make Python faster at this week’s PyCon 2022 conference …”

Last year, Microsoft funded a project for the Python Software Foundation (PSF) led by Python creator Guido van Rossum and Shannon to make Python twice as fast as the current stable 3.10 series. The vision is to push Python to C performance. Microsoft hired van Ross in 2020 and gave him the freedom to choose any project. At last year’s PyCon 2021 conference, he said he “chose to go back to his roots” and would work on Python’s notorious unproductiveness …

The CPython Faster Project has unveiled some updates on CPython 3.11 performance over the past year. On the eve of the PyCon 2022 project, it published more results, comparing a 3.11 beta with 3.10 on dozens of performance metrics, showing that 3.11 overall was 1.25 times faster than 3.10. Shannon realistically assesses the project’s ability to improve Python’s performance, but believes the improvements could expand Python’s use of more virtual machines. “Python is widely recognized as slow. While Python will never achieve the performance of low-level languages ​​such as C, Fortran or even Java, we would like it to be competitive with fast implementations of scripting languages ​​such as V8 for Javascript or luajit for lua, ”he wrote last year in the Python Enhancement Proposal (PEP) 659.

“In particular, we want to achieve these performance goals with CPython to benefit all Python users, including those who cannot use PyPy or other alternative virtual machines …”

Regarding the issue of compilers exactly on time (JIT) for Python performance, Shannon suggested that this is not a priority and is unlikely to appear before Python 3.13, according to a Python Software Foundation event coverage … in terms of more a quick implementation of Python, CPython 3.12 can get a “simple JIT compiler for small regions” that compiles small areas of specialized code, while 3.13 will extend the compiler to extend regions for compilation.

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