• Ten years after the killing of two human rights activists, former senior police officers have been jailed.
  • The wife of one of the victims of the murder appealed to the Supreme Military Court to track down all involved.
  • General John Numbi, who allegedly ordered the strike, is fleeing and is suspected to be in Zimbabwe.

The widow of a human rights activist killed by the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) police in 2010 has called on authorities to track down anyone involved.

Annie Chebey’s husband, Floribert Chebey, then director of the DRC’s leading human rights organization, Voice of No Voice (Voice of the Silent) and his driver Fidel Bazana were killed after being invited to a meeting with then-DRC Police Chief General John Numbi.

The next day, police said Chebei was found dead in his car, but Bazan’s body was never found.

Last week, the DRC Supreme Military Court sentenced former police colonel Christian Ngoi Keng to death, commuted to life imprisonment, and former lieutenant Jacques Mugaba was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

The court acquitted former police major Paul Mvilambwe, who became a state witness.

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Three men were originally sentenced in absentia to death in June 2011 for murder. They appealed the verdict, and their case was heard last September, leading to a review of the verdicts.

It is believed that General John Numbi, who allegedly ordered the strike, is fleeing and is believed to be in Zimbabwe.

“It’s a step, but it’s not over yet. All those who were quoted, who knew about the orders or took part in this odious assassination attempt, should all be arrested and prosecuted, ”Annie Chebeya told Human Rights Watch. Her request is that the DRC authorities should continue the hunt for Numbi.

Numbi fled the DRC last year during the Kenga and Mugaba appeals trial after it emerged that the strike was allegedly ordered by Numbi.

At the first trial, Numbi testified. When authorities proceeded to investigate Numbi and issued an arrest warrant for him, he fled. Some reports say he traveled to Zimbabwe, but authorities there say they are unaware of his presence.

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