South African motorists have been fed up with potholes for years and unfortunately many have lost trust in the government. Dirk Venter, a resident of Potchefstroom, has been praised as a patriotic citizen for single-handedly repairing more than 2,500 potholes in the small town in the northwest of the country. Speaking to the SABC, Venter said he had received no support from the government, but local businesses supported him with funding.

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In an interview with the SABC, Dirk Venter said potholes had always bothered him, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. A 67-year-old resident of Potchefstroom picks up rubble dumped on the side of the road to fill potholes.

Venter takes funds given to him by local business owners to purchase additional materials to complete the job.

Through his initiative, he created jobs for those who lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic.


In 2017, the local municipality of JB Marks in the North West considered partnering with Venter on his pothole initiative, but due to “changes in administration” it did not happen.

“There may be a loss of information and a break in communication between the municipality and Mr. Venter,” said a spokesperson for the municipality.


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South Africans took to Twitter to praise Dirk Venter for his work in Potchefstroom. Many have criticized Transport Minister Fikile Mbalulu for ignoring the country’s pothole problems.

“Oom Dirk is a true patriot,” wrote one tweet.

“I bet Mbalula will find a way to include himself somewhere here,” another tweeted.

“Local hero! This is how ordinary citizens can save SA from corrupt politicians – one hole at a time!”

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