An impala at Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve in the Kruger National Park fought a long fight for her life after she ran into a dam to escape a pack of wild dogs.

The antelope tried to move to the other side of the dam to get away from the wild dogs, but the predators kept blocking her exit.

A desperate impala even tries to get on the back of a hippopotamus to escape the wild dogs.

The hippo then seems irritated by the activity around the water and he chases the impala and wild dogs.

The relentless pack eventually pulls the impala out of the dam.

Chris tells this story: “While we were watching the wild dog, we were maneuvering through the bushes trying to catch up with the dogs. Eventually we found the herd after seeing several impala running through the bush from the watering hole.’

“When we arrived at the watering hole, we saw wild dogs standing on the sides looking at what turned out to be an impala in the water. From here we witnessed the incredible strategy the dogs used to exhaust the impala, who even tried to escape by mounting a hippo in the middle of the dam – ultimately their strategy led to a very quick end for the impala.”

“After the hunt, a spotted hyena flew in and it was interesting to watch the interaction between the wild dog and the hyena. Whoever came after us would have thought that nothing was happening here.”

“The sighting was a mix of emotions, from the excitement of the hunt to sympathy for the impala. This sighting is a good example of how quickly the unexpected can happen in the African bush. We had a fairly peaceful trip, which turned into a spectacle in an instant.’

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