The victim of an alleged racial incident at Stellenbosch University, as a result of which a white student urinated on his belongings, has opened a case at a local police station about breaking into a house, damaging property and racism.

The alleged racist incident took place over the weekend at the residence of De Wis Mare.

University students are calling for punitive measures against the alleged perpetrator.

The video, in which a white student in the male residence of Huiz Mare urinates on the things of a black student, caused a public outcry.

19-year-old Agri Science student Babalo Ndwayana says he was injured in the tests.

Accompanied by the South African Students Congress (SASCO), Ndwana has launched a case against his criminal.

“I am still injured. I can’t talk about it. I have filed a lawsuit against burglary of the house, harmful damage to property and racism. “

Student leaders hope the university is using the case to oppose racism.

“We are working together with other students to expel the culprit. We would like to see institutional changes. Last year, the media reported that De Huis Marais should have been disbanded, but no. We are now in a place where it is a question of whether it should be disbanded. This shows that De Huis Marais is not ready for a change in cultural transformation in Stellenbosch, ”said SRC President Vive Hobacana.

There are calls for change at the university:

SASCO County Governor Sifisa Zungu says the alleged perpetrator should be expelled from the university.

“We are not interested in suspension. We want the university to set an example by expelling the student. There have been many such cases in De Huis Marais. “

Some students wanted to speak on condition of anonymity for fear of sacrifice.

“Earlier this year we were forced to sign a promise that we would not discriminate against each other. It is disappointing now that this is happening, especially in the first year. We are deeply offended, we hope that the university will take tough and tough measures. “

The university says it is investigating as long as the alleged perpetrator remains dismissed. SASCO gave the university until Thursday to close the case, promising to organize a protest.

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