Twitter users have dug into the archives to reflect on MacG podcaster comments about the girls following allegations that Mini Dlamini cheated during her marriage.

It is alleged that the TV personality betrayed her husband Quinton Jones with a famous and wealthy businessman.

After discovering that it was Edwin Soddy, the tweeps returned to one of MacG’s Podcasting and cooling episodes on YouTube in which he discusses the “risks” of marrying girls.

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According to, it-girl is “a young woman with sexual attractiveness and a magnetic face.” Meanwhile, Urban Dictionary describes her as “the girl EVERYONE wants to be. She has everything you want, so you tend to envy her. ” Basically, she is influential, beautiful and famous.

In South Africa, women such as Mini Dlamini, Bonang, Pearl Tusi and Boiti are considered girls. Among others – Mihlali Ndamas, Faith Nketi, Bule Samuels – women who admire most men.


During an episode of his favorite show on YouTube Podcast and chilll, McGee told his co-host Solo Fenuc and the ghost lady that the girls are not wives.

The former YFM radio host claimed that such women are looking for only one “bag”. He went on to say that marrying such women is risky because they can leave you for a richer man. During its claims MacG cited the example of Mini Dlamini and Boiti.

“No one in their right mind would marry a girl,” McGee said.

When Sol asked him why, he said, “They will do their best to hold the bag … in life like a ninja [man] you may have money, but always have someone with a bigger bag … which means your girl is always on sale.

“You can’t marry a girl, you fight and run. That’s all! ” He continued.


More tweaks have been cited by MacG after the allegations.


Businessman Edwin Soddy is no newcomer to accusations of house wrecks. The controversial businessman, who received Rs 150,000 in March 2022 on charges of attempted murder, is also considered to be the man behind the divorce of rapper Proverb.

Proverb’s ex-wife, Onaleron, reportedly met businessman Edwin Soddy at a local car wash in 2013. The couple instantly struck up a relationship and apparently struck up a relationship, despite being married to a Metro FM presenter at the time.

Allegedly, Sodi was also the cause of the failed relationship of the SBU businessman with his ex-fiancée Diseba Makats, as she also betrayed him.

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