The trial in the case of the murder of Senzo Meiva will continue on Wednesday. The trial was adjourned early Tuesday after Thumela Madlala tearfully testified about the fateful night Senzo Meyiwa was shot dead.

Madlala is one of the people who were at Khumalo’s house that night. He revealed that he heard a gunshot as Senzo pinned the attacker against the wall.

Five men are on trial in the Pretoria High Court over the 2014 murder of Meyiwa at the home of his then-girlfriend, Kelly Humal’s mother, in Voslurus.

State’s Attorney George Baloyi asked for the case to be adjourned until Wednesday. “My lord, I wonder if it is time to adjourn to give the witness a chance to make himself aware until tomorrow, my lord,” Baloyi says.

Details of the circumstances leading to the death of the Orlando Pirates and Bafana Bafana goalkeeper began to emerge in court on Tuesday.

Madlala, who is among those present, says two men entered Humal’s home while they were sitting in the living room that evening.

He says Longwe Twala, Kelly Khumalo’s sister’s boyfriend at the time, quickly attacked one of the suspects before running out of the house while Meyiwa’s girlfriend, Kelly, ran into the bedroom. Madlala says he then heard a gunshot while Senzo pinned the other man against the wall in the kitchen.

Madlala further explains, “When I saw Senzo standing there, I wanted to get out because the door to the kitchen was right there. When I got there, I saw Senzo pin that man against the wall, and I punched him too. While this man was pressed against the wall, that’s when the shot rang out.”

Earlier in the day, Judge Chifhiva Maumela banned broadcasts or recordings of the proceedings after journalists asked Madlala to comment outside court. The state expressed concern over this, saying that Madlala was petrified and ran away from reporters.

“And because of this witness who ran this morning as if to escape, this witness cannot testify until this matter is resolved. We’re not going to experience delays because people came here knowingly and chose to behave the way they did, and so to me that means those who are responsible will walk out of the courtroom. They are going where the matter will be resolved while we are not waiting while we continue this case.” says Maumela.

The SABC, eNCA and Newsroom Africa have since apologized and have been allowed to return to court. The trial continues.

Video – Senzo Meiva’s murder trial continues:

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