Former Orlando Pirates goalkeeper Senzo Meiyiwa held the arm of one of the two attackers and pinned him against a kitchen wall just before the shot that killed him was fired.

Hearing the deafening gunshot, Meyiwa’s friend, Thumela Madlala, fled to one of the bedrooms but could not get out through a window because the window had burglar bars.

And when he came out of the bedroom, Madlala told the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria that all he heard were voices shouting Meyiwa’s name while Meyiwa was lying on his left side between the couch and the TV stand in the living room.

The details emerged during testimony about Meyiwa’s childhood at Senzo Meyiwa’s trial on Tuesday afternoon.

Pointing to an image on a screen in court, Madlala told the court in an audible trembling voice: “He was lying there. The way he was lying, I don’t know if he was hiding,” – showing the court, Senzo was lying on his left side between the couch and the TV stand.

Madlala reiterated the state’s statement that two intruders broke into the home and demanded cellphones and money.

Minutes before the attackers arrived, Madlala was standing outside chatting to Meyiwa, who told him of his plans to go to Durban and buy things for his family and book a hotel for himself and Kelly Khumalo.

Constantly exchanging deep glances with accused 1 and 2, Madlala says he returned to the house and something started happening.

“Then someone came in. He had a firearm and dreadlocks and a jacket and I’m not sure if it was caramel or brown. We just saw that there was something there (points to a point on the sketch.) It had tape on it, he says.

Describing the first attacker, Madlala says: “The man was short and had big eyes. That’s all I remember. He didn’t say much. Asked for phones and money. He spoke Zulu.’

Madlala says Longwe was the first to react, pushing one of the attackers on the way out.

“When he pushed this guy in the opening, then the people who were in the house got a chance to get up. I think Kelly went into that room (points to sketch).”

Madlala says there was turmoil at this stage. He says that when he stood up, he saw another tall boy. This is the man whose hand Meiyiwa grabbed and pinned against the wall.

“My intention was to get out of the house and when I got there, I punched the guy (pointing to the left side of his face). While I was there, Senzo held this guy against the wall, shot and left. Whoever came first was attacked by Zandi, Makumala and Kelly because I think Kelly had my crutches.’

He says that after the shot, he ran into one of the bedrooms to escape.

The judge intervened at this stage, asking why Madlala was bringing up the issue of crutches for the first time.

“Will you walk us through this crutch since it seems to appear out of nowhere?” – asked the judge.

“When I arrived, I was on crutches,” says Madlala.

Madlala’s voice began to shake and tears welled up in his glistening eyes as he began to describe the state in which he found Meiyivu when he left the bedroom.

He had earlier insisted he could continue despite clearly becoming emotional, but state lawyer George Baloyi, who led Madlala’s evidence-in-chief, asked for an early recess to allow the witness to compose himself.

Madlala will continue his evidence-in-chief on Wednesday before TT Thobane for accused 1 to 4 begins cross-examining the witness.

Madlala had earlier told the court that Meyiwa had called him to ask if his girlfriend and mother of his child, Kelly Khumalo, had sent him money for a trip to Johannesburg.

He says that immediately after the call, he received an SMS confirmation about the receipt of money on the account.

“I used to come to visit him, but that day he told me to go out to Spruitview and that I would get an ofrump and that I should keep it until the robots found me there,” says Madlala.

Madlala says there were four passengers in the BMW X6 that followed him to Spruitview at around 5pm on Sunday: Senzo was riding with Kelly Khumalo in the front seat, while Kelly’s sister, Zandi, and Meiyiwa’s friend, Mtakazisi, were in the back seats.

Spotting a blue t-shirt and jeans, Madlala told the court they stopped to buy booze at a pub on the way to Khumalo’s house, with Zandi and Mthoka going inside while Meyiwa and Khumala stayed outside and were photographed by Madlala. .

He says that after arriving at Humal’s house, they were introduced to Humal’s mother, Gladzes.

“He told us it was Kelly’s mom and she was looking after our baby. We sat and drank,” while watching a football match between Chelsea and Manchester United.

He later says that a gentleman who was introduced as Longwe Twala arrived.

In a photograph of the living room, which showed two black sofas facing each other with a black rug between them and a TV stand with the TV on top, Madlala told the court that Gladzes Khumalo, Longwe and Zandi were sitting on one sofa, while he was sitting on the other with Mthakozisi, and Senzo, and Kelly sometimes.

It was already evening when Madlala and Mtakazisi went out to smoke, and when they finished smoking, he wanted to go back inside, but Mtakazisi, who he said was also a cousin of Senzo Mandisi’s wife, asked them to wait a little while to clear the smoke before they will go back inside.

After returning to the house, there was a shooting.

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