Three Tshwane metro police. department (TMPD) members have landed in hot water after a video of officers soliciting bribes went viral on social media.

In the recording, a TMPD officer instructs a motorist to pull up to the nearest ATM to withdraw money to pay a bribe for allegedly speeding on the N1 near Midrand at the weekend.

The department was aware of the video circulating on social media, TMPD spokesman Superintendent Isaac Mahamba said.

“Participants have been identified, arrested and will appear before the court. We have started internal disciplinary processes and will inform the public,” he said.

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Action Society founder Ian Cameron said bribery had become a major problem at TMPD over the past four years. Cameron said it was frustrating because bribery should be reported to the police. “Unfortunately, [the] the police also have corrupt officers.

“There is a general problem in the police. The only province that does not have the same corruption problem is the Western Cape, he said.

Cameron said the Cape Town Metropolitan Police was well ahead of the rest of the country in terms of enforcement by traffic and local law enforcement. Former police foreman Stefan Grobler said there were various reasons for the bribe.

“When officers come into an organization, they learn bad behavior from other officers. It’s like a puppy learning from an old dog. This happens in the police, in the metro, and in municipalities,” he said.

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“They work in a syndicate and share the money at the end of the shift. “It’s all about greed and greed and gullibility and believing he can get away with it.”

Grobler said the motorist can refuse the bribe and ask to speak to the commander.

“Many motorists immediately offer the officer a bribe after the officer orders them to stop.”

Grobler added that the motorist who paid the bribe was just as guilty as the officer who took it.

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