The transport industry is one of the industries that has been hit hard by the recent floods in KwaZulu-Natal. Taxi drivers in the province say they feel oppressed after their taxis were damaged by heavy rains. They turned to the government for help.

Taxi owner Sibongiseni Ndlow is still counting the losses a month after heavy rains that caused great damage in the province. Two of his taxis were swept away in a parking lot in Malveni, west of Durban. While he managed to recover his taxis, the damage was significant.

Taxi Ndlow is his only source of income, and through this he provides employment to two of his drivers. They are currently out of work.

Ndlow, who has five children, says damage to his taxi has put a strain on his life. While he has filed an insurance application and is awaiting approval, Ndlow is still forced to pay monthly bank payments.

“It would be great if the government could help us because we have lost a lot, we have no income to support us and the drivers who are now at home,” said taxi owner Sibongiseni Ndlow.

The taxi organization, Santaco, said it was not just their members who were affected whose taxis were damaged. There are a number of associations that could not work because the roads were damaged. Some associations are now using alternative routes, which, according to Santa, could be problematic if the roads are not repaired quickly.

“Our leadership will work with the government to meet all the needs that a taxi operator needs in terms of resolving the plight we faced after the flood, hopefully we will be able to get help because we really have the facts that the taxi industry has been affected, and the aid is likely to help our members, ”said Santaco Province Governor Sifiso Shangas.

The damage to the road network in the province is about 5 billion rubles.

VIDEO: Prime Minister KZN Sila Zikalalo will talk about the latest flood

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