• The Palm Ridge Commercial Crimes Court has rejected a claim by two defendants in a 191 million rupee fraud and theft case for a “blue light” to remove the case from the list.
  • The application was submitted by former acting National Police Commissioner Hamotso Phalan and former Deputy National Police Commissioner Bonang Mgwenya.
  • The 12 defendants in the case are accused of corruption, fraud, theft and money laundering.

Some of the defendants in the 191 million rupee blue light police case could not remove the case from the list.

Former acting National Police Commissioner Hamotso Phalan and former Deputy National Commissioner Bonang Mgwenya have applied to have the case removed from the list, citing unjustified delays.

“Although the case is protracted, I cannot agree with the applicants’ assertion that it was the prosecutor’s office that unjustifiably delayed the case,” Judge Emanual Magampa told the Palm Ridge Commercial Crimes Court. on Friday

The case concerns a contract for the supply of police emergency warning equipment in 2016.

The contract amount was 191 million rubles.

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However, 65 million rupees were allegedly paid to Instrumentation for Traffic Law Enforcement (Pty) Ltd.

A further payment of 22 million rupees was stopped as a result of an investigation by the Investigative Department and the Independent Police Investigation Department.

Defendants include Fahlan, Mgwenya, former Gauteng Police Commissioner Delive de Lange, former Gauteng Police Commissioner Nombhuruza Letti Napo, retired division commissioner Lieutenant General Ramachlapi Johannes Mokvena, and Brigadier James Mamolko Ramanjalo.

Three civilians – Judy Rose, Samantha Andrews and Wimpy Montata, owner of Instrumentation for Traffic Law Enforcement (Pty) Ltd – are the other defendants in the case.

Magampa said the case was in the national interest and that taxpayers’ money was involved.

“The public is interested in keeping the law in order and for justice to happen.

“The justice mentioned in this article is not necessarily the conviction and imprisonment of any person, but the process of bringing a person suspected of a crime to trial if his or her guilt or innocence can be determined in court. relevant forum “.

Magampa added that the issue had been raised that the defendants were burdened with costs and this should be one of the factors that should see the court’s decision in their favor.

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“The trial is expensive by nature. As expected, the costs are commensurate with the scale of the case and the complexity of the charges. The case against 12 defendants, with a total of more than 390 charges and more than 191 million rupees will cost dear ».

All the accused are accused of corruption, fraud, theft and money laundering.

The trial will continue on August 2.

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