Whether you’re a man or a woman, it’s vital to remember that your hair is your crown, so wear it with pride. It is also vital that you look presentable with your hair because people usually approach you based on your presentation ad. No matter what your style is, wear it with confidence and let it show off your personality. But first, before turning your head, learn how to care for your hair.

General hair care tips

Change your pillowcases often to stop bacteria from growing on your face and possibly causing acne breakouts.

If you take good care of your hair, you will be amazed at how much your hair can grow.

When you tie your hair, don’t use rubber bands because they will only break it.

When you wash your hair, don’t scratch your scalp, a good rub is enough.

Tie your hair with a silk or satin scarf or hat while you sleep. Do not forget to process the strands.

Do not leave the hairstyle too long. Your hair may break or become tangled.

Trim your hair to give it new life and help it grow. It will also look better.

Buy products that solve your hair problems.

When you eat healthy, your hair also eats healthy.

What do you care about your hair?


Wash your hair often and towel dry if possible. Moisturize regularly with a shine-enhancing product.


Do not brush your hair excessively or be rough when brushing. Use an anti-breakage moisturizer.


The key word is condition. Wash your hair with warm water with an anti-dandruff shampoo, but don’t use too much. Take it easy with curling, heating and blow drying and let your hair run wild.

What is your hairstyle?


Wash your hair at least once every two weeks and remember to use conditioner.

Treat your hair once a month.

Rest every six to eight weeks, focusing only on new growth. Do not leave the relaxer on for too long.

Apply hair food to your scalp and moisturize the ends, the driest part of your hair. Do not use too much moisturizer on your hair. There’s nothing wrong with perming, but avoid heat if possible.


Do not tighten braids or braids, keep the hairline.

Spray your hair often to keep it moisturized and shiny, brush any loose hair you may have in the front.


Make sure it is not sewn too tightly and remember not to leave it on too long.

If you like curly, bouncy hair, don’t use heat more than twice a week.

Ponytails are cute, but don’t tie your hair too often or too tightly. Moisturize loosely – less is better, but cover hair

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