Make a savory side dish for dinner with this delicious spicy couscous recipe. It’s packed with flavor, texture, and everything you love about a savory side dish.

Combine roasted vegetables with fragrant spices and mouth-watering sauces with a rich steamed couscous, and you have a side dish that can easily steal the spotlight from the main course.

Tips for making spicy couscous

This Mediterranean dish always adds a highlight to your dinner table. It goes well with chicken, lamb, fish and even vegetarian dishes with eggplant.

If you want to give your couscous extra flavor, you can use stock instead of boiling water.

When cooking the couscous, make sure you don’t disturb the couscous, but allow it to completely absorb the hot liquid. Stir couscous into boiling liquid and immediately remove from heat. Then quickly cover the couscous with a lid and let it sit for about 15 minutes.

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