The female TV presenter recorded her program on Zan TV (women’s television) in Kabul in May 2017. REUTERS / Mohammad Ismail

  • The Taliban said TV presenters should cover their faces while they were on the air.
  • Said one presenter BBC she thinks the Taliban did it to get women out of the industry.
  • One told CNN: “They want women removed from the screen. They are afraid of an educated woman. “
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The Taliban have ordered all women TV presenters in Afghanistan to cover their faces on air.

The new rule was announced on Wednesday by the staff of the independent Afghan TV channel TOLOnews of the Ministry of Propaganda of Charity and Prevention of Vices, CNN reports.

This was reported on the same day by employees of other media, the BBC reports.

The new rule will take effect on May 21, but presenters are encouraged to make changes earlier, according to Reuters.

CNN reported that the two presenters cried when they spoke to CNN about the changes.

Hatter, 27, told CNN: “They want women removed from the screen. They are afraid of an educated woman. “

“First they took the girls to school, and then they came to the media. I am sure they do not want the presence of women at all, ”she added.

In March, the Taliban closed high schools for girls.

Another presenter working in Kabul told the BBC that she thought the changes were designed to oust women from the industry.

“They are putting indirect pressure on us not to show it on television,” she said.

“How can I read the news with my mouth covered? I don’t know what to do now – I have to work, I’m a breadwinner. “

She asked not to be mentioned in the record, fearing punishment for the statement.

The Taliban regained control in August 2021.

They said they would protect women’s rights, but have since revoked many of the rights and freedoms that women had before seizing power.

Earlier this month, the Taliban ruled that Afghan women would have to cover their faces in public, and that their closest male relative could be punished if they fail to comply.

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