A writer who wrote a work called How to kill your husband in the United States is on trial for … the murder of her husband.

This is a case that has all the hallmarks of a classic detective: a huge insurance payment, a suspect without payment, who claims to have amnesia, missing weapons and surveillance camera recordings that seem to have caught the culprit with a hot hand.

But for novelist Nancy Crampton Brophy this is not the plot of her latest book; it’s real life in the Oregon courtroom.

Crampton Brophy, whose series of novels “Wrong has never felt so right.” Wrong husband and Wrong loveraccused of shooting Daniel Brophy with a pistol whose now-missing barrel she bought on eBay.

Prosecutors say the 71-year-old writer had difficulty paying off her mortgage but kept several life insurance policies that would have paid $ 1.4 million in the event of her husband’s death.

“I’m better off with Dan financially than with Dan dead,” she said in Portland this week. Oregon the newspaper reported.

“Where is the motivation, I would ask you? The editor laughed and said, “I think you need to work harder on this story, you have a big hole in it.”

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Prosecutor Sean Overstreet said that on June 2, 2018, CCTV footage captured a Crempton Brophy minivan near the Oregon Culinary Institute almost at the time her husband, a chef, was killed in one of the school’s classrooms.

“You were there at the same time when someone accidentally shot your husband … with the exact type of gun you have and which is now mysteriously missing,” he said.

Crampton Brophy told the court she doesn’t remember being there, though she admits she must have been, insisting that CCTV footage shows her in the area because she was driving around, drawing inspiration for the story.

“This is not the person I would have shot because I had memory problems. It seems to me that if I had shot him, I would have known every detail. “

Daniel Brophy, 63, was found dead that morning by students preparing for class. He was shot twice.

Investigators say the barrel from the Glock pistol used in the murder was purchased by the suspect on eBay.

This barrel, which would have contained hard forensic evidence, has never been found, despite a full police search.

Crampton Brophy admits to acquiring a Glock pistol, which she said was for her husband to protect himself when he went on a mushroom hunt in the woods, but says the missing barrel was purchased as part of research for an unfinished novel.

“There was a big divide between what was for writing and what was for defense,” she told the court. Oregon reported.

Prosecutors say Crampton Brophy is whose How to kill your husband remains available online and whose books can be purchased on Amazon, before her husband’s death faced financial collapse but continued to pay for 10 separate life insurance policies.

The blog about killing a husband discusses methods and motivations for sending an unwanted spouse.

These include financial gain and the use of firearms, although it states that weapons are “loud, chaotic, require a certain skill.”

“But what I do know about the murder is that each of us feels it in him / her when he or she is pushed far enough,” the essay said.

The trial, which began in early April, continues.

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