In an update to the Royal News this week, football fans were amazed at the treatment and behavior of Prince William from the crowd at Wembley Stadium on Saturday during the FA Cup final.

Sarah Ferguson shows how she misses the deceased Princess Diana, and said she regrets not being able to meet the children of Prince Harry and Prince William, while the Duke of Sussex hopes his children will never feel the internet world that way. which is now.

Sarah Ferguson is sad that Princess Diana has been unable to meet her grandchildren

Sarah Ferguson and Princess Diana were brought together by love when they married in the British royal family: Diana married Prince Charles and Sarah married his brother, Prince Andrew.

Speaking to Metro, Sarah revealed that the deceased Princess Diana would love to be a grandmother.

“She would love life like a grandmother and would be so proud. We would be the first in the castle with the inflatable together with our grandchildren, ”Ferguson said.

The 65-year-old author also expressed how much she loved the deceased princess and how often she thinks of her dearest friend and deceased daughter-in-law.

She also recalled the close bond they shared during a tense time when they were thrown into the spotlight because of their romantic relationships with members of the royal family.

“I think about her all the time, and especially because she and I were the only ones who really understood that it was in the 90s – the pressure was fierce, but together we were strong.

“Not powerful in terms of strength or importance, but in the love we had for each other and in the way we helped each other cope. There is no one left who would understand those days, ”the author said.

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The Wembley crowd whistled to Prince William during the FA Cup final

The FA Cup final between Chelsea and Liverpool took place at Wembley Stadium on Sunday, and the Duke of Cambridge, who is also president of the Football Association, took to the field before the start to shake hands with the players and wish them good luck. games.

The moment, which was supposed to be happy and prestigious, immediately became unpleasant after thousands of fans who attended to watch the game and support their favorite teams, cheered Prince William.

Witnessing a scene from a football match, football fans took to social media to express how shocked and frustrated they were by the crowd for their behavior towards the Duke, while others applauded the crowd for practicing free speech.

Prince Harry hopes that his children will never be able to experience the online world as it is now

Recently, Prince Harry visited a charity online event through Zoom, where he helped launch a set of online security tools managed by the 5Rights Foundation.

Speaking at the event, the father of two said social media was being misused and he also shared his concerns and opinions that he and his wife Megan Markle share for the generation of their children who have access to different social networks. platforms.

Harry said his kids are still too young to experience the world online, and that he hopes that by the time they get old enough to have access to social media, they will never have to experience how social media is now.

“My kids are still too young to experience the world online. And I hope they never have to go through it the way they do now. No child should have one.

“Sometimes I feel like I can keep them forever away from the harm they can face online in the future, but I’m learning to know better,” said Prince Harry.

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