The U.S. Department of Justice has secretly issued a summons to gain details of a Guardian reporter’s phone account as part of an aggressive investigation into media leaks about the Trump administration’s official policy investigation into the separation of children at the southern border. From the report: Leak investigators have issued a summons to obtain the phone number of Stephanie Kirchgesner, a Guardian correspondent for the Washington investigation. The move was made without reporting to the newspaper or its reporter as part of an attempt to find out the source of media articles about a family separation check conducted by Inspector General of the Ministry of Justice Michael Horowitz. It is very unusual for U.S. government officials to obtain a journalist’s phone data this way, especially when it comes to national security or classified information. The move was all the more surprising because it came from the office of the Inspector General of the Ministry of Justice, the watchdog responsible for ethical oversight and protection of informants. Catherine Wiener, editor-in-chief of the Guardian, called the action “a blatant example of violations of freedom of the press and public interest journalism by the US Department of Justice.”

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