The son of Lenasia Community Policing Forum (CPF) chairman Ebrahim Aswat and three others were released on bail.

Ziad Aswat and the other defendants appeared in Alexandra’s court on Thursday.

Last week, Ziyad was handcuffed for allegedly involved in a 25 million rupee extortion and intimidation case involving the abduction of a businessman from Lenazia, who was later rescued by an anti-kidnapping task force in Johannesburg in the south earlier this year.

Other defendants were arrested during various operations of the anti-kidnapping task force, police and other authorities.

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A spokesman for the National Prosecutor’s Office (NPA), Findie Menondwane, said the bail was set on strict terms.

“The bail was against all three defendants, including Aswat, and was treated as an application for bail 5. The investigator officer’s affidavit was read out in the transcript, and then Detective Sargent Ramalazzo of Sandton’s SAPS was summoned to testify in opposition.”

“The court issued a written undertaking not to leave under strict conditions, that they must hand over their passports to the investigator, they must not in any way interfere with the consideration of the complaint and appear at the nearest police station once a week. Bail was set at Rs 5,000 for defendants 1,2 and 4 and Rs 3,000 for defendants 3, ”Menondwane said.

Meanwhile, residents of Lenasi once again called on Asvat to resign after the arrest of his son.

Anti-crime activists have called on the public to sign a petition to expose “intimidation” in the kidnapping trial in South Africa.

In the appeal, residents question the legitimacy of the Lenia Communist Party.

“For years, we have questioned the CPF’s electoral process, finding it surprising that a historic truck hijacker known for his criminal involvement and consistent links to the Faisal Charles syndicate could be elected as a member of the Lenasia community.”

The group said Aswat has not yet responded to any allegations against him.

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