The South African Development Assistance Team (SADC), led by retired Deputy Judge Dikgang Moseneke, is in Lesotho ahead of the upcoming national election.

The team must put out fires that could disrupt the long-awaited Amnibus bill.

The Congress for Democracy of Lesotho (LCD) is demanding a safe passage for the return of their leader, Matejo Metsing, who has been charged with treason.

The IC says the allegations are far-fetched and frivolous.

Deputy VC leader Celis Mohosi says that if their demands are not met, they will refrain from the reform process.

Beginners in the game just want to get down to business.

Secretary-General of the Revolution for the Welfare of Ntati Murosi says the party wants the bill passed.

Judge Moseneke is scheduled to meet with other political parties in parliament as a final push to pass the Amnibus bill, hopefully before the upcoming national election.

VIDEO: At the beginning of the month. The Electoral Advisory Board hosted the SADC observer mission in Lesotho:

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