An anonymous reader quotes a NewsNation report: Regulators warn that power outages could occur in a number of U.S. states this summer because a combination of drought, heat, potential cyberattacks, geopolitical conflicts and supply chain problems could disrupt power supplies, according to a grim new report (NEC Electricity). ). The regulator found that large areas of the U.S. and parts of Canada are at increased or high risk of energy shortages in the hottest months of summer.

The Midwest is at particularly high risk due to the withdrawal of old plants, which has caused a 2.3% drop in capacity compared to last summer, as well as an increase in demand, according to NERC. In the southwest, lowering river levels could damage hydroelectric production, the group warned, and in Texas, drought-related heat could cause tremendous energy demand. The NERC map shows that all states in the western half of the continental United States, including North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, are at least at increased risk of energy shortages, and some northeastern states are at high risk. . Many states of the Independent Middle Continental System Operator (MISO), such as Arkansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana, are fully or partially at high risk. “The industry is preparing its equipment and operators for challenging summer conditions. The persistent, extreme drought and accompanying weather conditions, however, are unusual and tend to create additional burdens on demand and electricity supply,” said Mark Olson. representative of NERC. reliability assessment manager. “Network operators in the affected areas will need all available tools to maintain the balance of the system this summer.”

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