The internet has afforded us the luxury of seeing many strange and wonderful things, both real and unreal — such as the viral video of a pastor from the Democratic Republic of Congo who allegedly “ascended” to heaven.

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In a viral paradise video, a man dressed in all white is lifted into the air by worshipers as he slowly ascends to the ceiling.

When the ascension takes place, with the help of the white rope, the church members sing, and when the pastor enters “heaven”, they clap their hands.


Although this phenomenon is rare, a man of God will not be the first to “enter the pearly gates.”

Remember the controversial Pastor Mbara? In 2016, the founder and head of Incredible Happenings Ministries set tongues wagging when he claimed he had gone to heaven and took a photo to “prove it.”

At the time, his spokesman – Mr Nkuna – told local newspaper Katlehong Weekly that Pastor Mbara was “raptured” to heaven during the Easter Sunday service and took pictures on his Galaxy smartphone and returned later that day.

He went on to say that the photos are available for R5,000 and can be sent to recipients via WhatsApp.


The viral video posted by Twitter user @tebogobasuti has garnered over 220,000 views and several comments.

Many tweets found the whole act of ascending to the sky funny, while others were very annoyed by it as they called him a fraud.

However, several others claimed that the video was actually an Easter production.

“But man, it’s a play. You probably see it too,” the tweet said.

“It was an Easter game, I remember this clip circulating around that time period,” another tweet replied.

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