A recent report on cybersecurity shows how idiotic many business executives and business owners can be, given the reliability of their account passwords. PC Gamer reports: The study comes from NordPass password manager, who back in 2020 determined that the most frequently used passwords of the general public were sequential numbers such as “123456”, “Figure 1” and yes, you guessed it: “password”. A sample of the latest study consists of 290 million hacks of cybersecurity data worldwide and shows the level of work of those affected. It turns out that when it comes to CEOs and other senior executives, their choice of passwords is almost the same as for the general public, although many often have names. Tiffany was seen in 100,534 violations; then there was Charlie with 33,699; Michael was found 10,647 times; and Jordan – 10,472 times.

The report also considers mythical creatures and animals as some of the main passwords that were hacked as a result of data hacking. “Dragon” was seen 11,926 times, and “monkey” – 11,675 times. I spoke with IT support engineer Ash Smith, who encouraged companies to consider handing out randomly generated passwords when creating new accounts. “Probably the strongest passwords are 3 random words that you can write a story in your head to help you remember,” he says.

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