If you have a big dinner party planned this weekend, you need a great appetizer or palate cleanser before and between meals. Soup is often light, warm, and doesn’t kill your appetite, but leaves you wanting more. Cream of Corn Soup is easy to make and very versatile if you’re feeling creative. Corn chowder is often served as a starter with a fruit drink. If you need a quick snack for dinner, this is it.

Cream of Corn Soup Tips

The reason for the double boiler or marmite is to prevent the milk from burning when you heat it. If you want a thicker soup, you can finely chop the onion and leave it in instead of just adding the flavoring. Use canned sweet corn or fresh from the cob. You can even toast the corn on the cob before scraping it into the soup. Add some grilled or steamed corn to the soup as a side dish and something to nibble on.

If you’re planning a dinner party and want a tasty appetizer, try our Cream of Corn Soup. A sweet, creamy and delicious winter soup to start your holiday.

Want to whip up more incredible winter soup recipes to enjoy over the weekend with friends and family? Take a look at our great recipes for you to try. There are many more old recipes like this one. They are posted at Potchefstroom Boys High School. Tested recipes of parents and friends.

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