The case between the public defender, lawyer Busisive Mhwebane, and the chairman of the National Assembly and the 194 Committee is being reopened in the Western Cape Supreme Court on Thursday.

Mhwebane has filed an urgent application to end the parliamentary impeachment proceedings against her. A representative of the public is now challenging the latest decision of the Constitutional Court, which allowed the National Assembly to initiate impeachment proceedings.

Despite this, the parliament decided to start the impeachment process, despite the fact that Mhwebane asked the Constitutional Court to reconsider its decision.

The public defender also disputed whether she should be threatened with dismissal, and her legal adviser Dali Mpofu on Wednesday spoke out against the move.

All this follows a statement of revocation submitted by Mkhweban to the Constitutional Court with a request to annul, annul and annul his decision of February 4, 2022, confirming the judge’s participation in the rules of the National Assembly on dismissal of the head of the institution from section 9. / or declared unconstitutional . The Constitutional Court granted the application.

The High Court will discuss the alleged trial of Mhwebane:

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