Denuvo, the company best known for its heavily criticized DRM technology for PC, has taken aim at a new scourge: Nintendo Switch piracy. Kotaku reports: The software maker announced during GamesCom 2022 on Wednesday that it will start selling a new product called Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection to prevent the piracy of Switch games on PC. It doesn’t seem to be working with Nintendo on an initiative that seems to be mostly aimed at third-party multi-platform game publishers. “As with all Denuvo solutions, the technology seamlessly integrates into the build toolchain without impacting the gaming experience. It then allows you to insert checks into the code that block gameplay on emulators,” the company wrote in a press release. . However, Denuvo’s “tests” have been accused of slowing down some games in the past.

“Even though the game is protected from piracy in its PC version, the Switch version can be emulated from day one and played on PC, bypassing the strong protections offered in the PC version,” Denuvo wrote. “Nintendo Switch emulator protection ensures that anyone wanting to play the game must buy a legitimate copy.”

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