Over the past decade, iKhokha has developed digital payment solutions that make it easier for small businesses to start and scale. In the last year alone, they have launched multiple payment methods across the online and physical business landscape.

The company recently released its flagship card machine – the iK Flyer.

Product Manager Olivier D’Ewart spoke about the impact the smart card machine is having on the market.

“The iK Flyer is much more than a world-class card machine. Thanks to a smart on-screen interface, business owners will now have access to more services, such as live access to customized financial solutions. They can also sell digital products, track sales and manage products,” said D’Ewart

Having identified the need for faster and more reliable transactions in the small business sector, iKhokha’s Product Owner, Jani Rostal, is on the way to bring iK Flyer to life.

“We started with a POC with this new Android-based hardware and decided to work on the most important features: speed and reliability. We then launched a trial version of the product with verified merchants who we know will give us good feedback in terms of transaction reliability and connectivity,” says Rostal.

The smart device can be a game changer for business owners as iKhokha aims to unlock more value for its sellers. Here are five ways iK Flyer is a worthwhile investment for business owners.

1. Automatic software update

IK Flyer comes pre-installed with iKhokha and automatically receives new updates as they become available. From new features and security updates to improved usability and bug fixes, free updates keep iK Flyer running at its best without the business owner having to lift a finger.

This is great for business owners for three reasons:

  1. Access to new functions without additional payment;
  2. This eliminates the manual process required to update the device; and
  3. Improved performance as the ATM will always be updated.

While the launch version of iK Flyer includes the standard version of the app, iKhokha plans to launch its exclusive business tools like the popular iK Cash Advance, iK Vend and iK Pay Link soon.

2. Better connection and faster speed

Many South African businesses face connectivity issues, from unstable mobile networks or congestion. With iK Flyer, the answer to reliability and speed is simple – more options.

The Wi-Fi enabled iK Flyer also has two built-in 4G SIM cards with unlimited data. This gives the business owner the ability to switch between WiFi and two additional network providers to find the strongest network.

3. High speed printer for faster sales

The iK Flyer includes a built-in ink-free thermal printer that prints physical receipts at a high speed of 70 mm per second. Merchants also have the option to send a digital copy to the customer via email.

4. Durable removable battery

The iK Flyer is the only mPOS (mobile point of sale) card machine that includes a charging base. This stand acts as a secure stand for the device and keeps it charged when not in use.

Slot machines with built-in batteries have a limited lifespan. If the battery becomes damaged or eventually dies, the entire device must be replaced. With the iK Flyer removable battery, the old battery can be replaced with a new one. This eliminates constant reinvestment in new equipment.

5. Business management tools

iK Flyer also includes a business management package that makes day-to-day business management easier. The device allows for employee switching, allowing each employee to easily log into a unique profile. It also gives the business owner or administrator an overview of staff performance, business inventory and sales.

Helping SA businesses rise above with iK Flyer

Ramsay Daly, iKhokha’s co-founder and Chief Product Officer, is excited to see how this exciting innovation will impact South African SMEs.

“iK Flyer combines the best of iKhokha’s software products into one high-quality card machine and ensures that business owners have all the tools they need to succeed in the South African business environment,” says Daly.

The iK Flyer is available at a competitive price of R1,999 including the charging base. iK Flyer users will enjoy iKhokha’s low transaction rates (starting at 2.75%) that drop the more they sell. The smart card machine accepts payments from all major SA bank cards, including digital cards such as Samsung Pay and Apple Pay.

To know more about iK Flyer and the latest iKhokha devices and services, visit www.iKhokha.com.

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