The IFP has called for the arrest of a violent policewoman following allegations of brutal violence against her husband in KwaZulu-Natal.


KwaZulu-Natal Legislature Public Safety and Relations IFP Spokesperson Blazhenny Gwala said the IFP was shocked and concerned to learn of an extreme case of abuse by a wife against her husband of 12 years.

“The IFP sees this type of brutality as an eye opener. The images provided by the victim show the urgent need for dialogue around the violence perpetuated by women against men in the country,” he reasoned.

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“We can no longer ignore this sad reality that seems to have silently crept into our communities. Although cases of this nature are rarely reported compared to violence against women, this latest incident makes us believe that KwaZulu-Natal and South Africa as a whole are sitting on a ticking time bomb. What is even more troubling is that if actions of this nature are not addressed, our country will never win in the fight against GBV.”


The victim, whose name cannot be released to protect his identity, appealed to the IFP leadership for help and alleged that his wife (a policewoman) repeatedly beat him.

Blood flows from the intimate organs of the dead man. Photo: Eziwazana Emaputaland/ Facebook

According to him, the abuses were reported to both their families, but they do not stop.

“Among other things, he revealed that his wife hit him on the forehead with a firearm, causing an open wound which is visible in one of the images he shared with us,” Gwala said.

“What is even more appalling is that the victim’s husband – the wife who continues the abuse – is a member of the South African Police Service (SAPS) serving at Ethekwini Police Station.”


According to the victim, he was forced to apply for a protective order after his wife severely damaged his private parts.


Gwala said that based on the victim’s account – and the supporting images – of these horrific cases of abuse, the IFP is calling on MEC Peggy Nkonyeni to intervene quickly.

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“We would also like to know if the MEC has any plans to protect men who have been abused by women. Nkanyeni must ensure that the perpetrator is arrested within 24 hours for her barbaric actions, especially considering she is a member of the SAPS. She swore to treat every person with respect: she must protect the victim, not cause serious bodily harm,” he concluded.

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