According to Bloomberg, the Justice Department is preparing to sue Google as early as next month, “ending years of work to build a case that the Alphabet unit illegally dominates the digital advertising market.” From the report: Lawyers from the Justice Department’s antitrust division are questioning the publishers in another round of interviews to update the facts and get more details for the complaint […]. Some of the interviews have already taken place, while others are scheduled for the coming weeks […]. They rely on preliminary interrogations conducted at an earlier stage of a lengthy investigation […].

The ad tech complaint, which Bloomberg reported last year, would be the Justice Department’s second case against Google, following a 2020 government lawsuit alleging the tech titan’s dominance of the Internet search market in violation of antitrust laws. It has not yet been decided whether prosecutors will file the case in federal court in Washington, where the search case is pending, or in New York, where state attorneys general have their own antitrust case involving Google’s ad-tech business […].

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