The Department of Communications and Digital Technology has come under widespread criticism for failing to switch countries from analogue to digital broadcasting in a timely manner.

Opposition parties have pointed to several missed deadlines, including the last one set by the Department itself by March 31 this year.

However, Minister Humbujo Ntaukheni assured the country that the digital migration of television broadcasting is of national importance and will be fully completed by June 30, 2022.

“We have completed the disconnection of the analogue unit in five provinces, namely Frischai, the Northern Cape, the North-West and the Limpopo in line with the results of the recent spectrum auction,” the Nietzschean minister said during a debate on the Department of Communications and Digital Technology’s budget vote. at the National Assembly on Wednesday.

The minister’s action did not impress opposition parties, which indicated that the planned digital migration was taking too long.

Sinavo Tamba of Economic Freedom Fighters described the recent ICASA spectrum use auction as a lost opportunity, arguing that it has strengthened the telecommunications giants ’dominance in the communications industry instead of opening up opportunities for diversification and transformation as intended.

Freedom Front Plus’s Woter Wessels complained that what he said was a failure of the South African post office. Wessels says the organization suffered losses of 1.8 billion rupees last fiscal year and turned to disposing of its assets as a means to try to repay part of its debts.

“The collapse of the post office is not due to harsh trading conditions, as private companies make money by filling in the gaps left by the post office,” adds Wessels.

During the same budget vote yesterday, Deputy Minister of Communications and Digital Technology Philly Mapulein announced that the Department intends to digitize the post office and turn it into a special and designated authentication body that acts as a national trust center. in the age of digital identity and services.

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