Legal expert Dr Llewellyn Kerlevis described the unexpected death of a state witness in the trial of the murder of football star Senzo Meiva as a big blow to a case that has been going on for years.

Police have confirmed the death of Filani Ndlow’s brigade. He was one of the first police officers to arrive at the scene.

Meiva was shot dead at the home of his then-girlfriend Kelly Humala’s mother in Voslurus east of Johannesburg in 2014.

The death came days after defense attorney Malesel Tefa went to court to postpone the trial, saying witnesses’ lives were in danger.

Five people are on trial for Maeva’s death. Kerlevis explains:

“Every witness in the prosecution is very important, especially if the state has to prove his rightness without reasonable doubt. The absence of this witness as a result of his death could greatly affect the state’s case. Obviously, everything will depend on the content of his evidence and the extent to which his evidence is disputed. “

The main witness in the case of Maeva’s murder has died:

Ndlov was expected to testify

Ndlow, a retired police officer, was mentioned during the testimony of Sergeant Thabo Mosia, the first state witness.

He was part of the first group of forensic experts to gather evidence from the house of Voslurus, where the shooting took place. During cross-examination, Mosia told the court that he was informed by Brigadier General Ndlov when he arrived at the scene a few hours after the shooting.

Teffa’s defense attorney made holes in Mosia’s testimony, claiming that Brigadier Ndlovu forged the crime scene before Mosia’s arrival.

Ndlow was expected to be called as a state witness to help the court establish what exactly happened that fateful October evening.

The trial is expected to resume at the end of the month, when Mosia will cross-examine the defense of the fifth accused.

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