Minister of Communications Humbudjo Ntsagen.

Over the past three years, the Department of Communications and Digital Technologies has paid more than 15 million rubles for accommodation.

The figure was announced in parliament following a request from Democratic Alliance MP Michael Bagraim. He asked Minister Humbouzo Nzaugeni to provide “the total amount spent on food, entertainment and accommodation for her, the Deputy Minister and officials of her department from May 29, 2019.”

In response, Acting General Director of Nonccubel Jordan-Diani said that the total amount spent on accommodation for the period was 15,345,562 rupees.

The Minister’s bill for accommodation was 3,615,001 rupees and the Deputy Minister’s bill was 1,021,003 rupees, while officials spent 10,709,557 rupees.

The total amount spent by the department on food for the period under review was Rs 738,982.

The minister’s budget for food at the time was 157,644 rupees, the deputy minister’s 90,665 rupees, and the ministry’s officials spent 490,672 rupees.

During this period, none of the officials of the department spent money on entertainment.

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