TThe BMW Group is the first automaker to trust more sustainable automotive OEM coatings certified in line with BASF’s approach to biomass balance. The BMW Group has decided to use CathoGuard 800 ReSource BASF Coatings electronic coating at its plants in Leipzig, Germany, and Roslina, South Africa, and ReSource iGloss matt lacquer across Europe.

Using these more sustainable versions of the product for car coatings avoids CO2 by about 40% per coat layer; this will reduce the amount of CO2 emitted to plants by more than 15,000 tons by 2030.

“As the largest supplier of chemicals to the automotive industry, we are aware of our responsibility to support our customers through innovative, environmentally friendly solutions. The biomass balance approach allows us to make our coating solutions even more sustainable while maintaining the same quality. We are pleased that the BMW Group has decided to play a pioneering role in the automotive industry and that our products play a key role in achieving ambitious goals for sustainable development, ”said Dr. Marcus Komit, Member of the Board of Executive Directors of BASF. SE.

“By reducing the use of fossils, we can conserve natural resources while reducing CO2 emissions. To achieve this, we are increasingly looking to innovate in the field of sustainable development in our supplier network, ”said Joachim Post, Member of the Board of BMW AG, responsible for Procurement and Supplier Network. “Innovative paints based on renewable raw materials are an important step in this direction.”

The BMW Group produces an average of around 250,000 cars each year at its plants in Leipzig and Roslin.

As a corrosion protection technology with optimal edge protection, the CathoGuard 800 e-coat helps cars retain shine longer. Its biomass-balanced version, the CathoGuard 800 ReSource, adds a reduced carbon footprint to the e-coat’s efficiency without changing the product’s formulation.

In BASF’s approach to biomass balance, renewable raw materials, such as bio-based petroleum and biomethane from organic waste, are used as raw materials in the production of primary chemicals and enter the Production Verbund. The share of biologically based raw materials is then arithmetically assigned to certain products in accordance with a certified method.

This attribution model is comparable to the principle of green electricity. Independent certification confirms that BASF has replaced the amount of fossil resources needed for a balanced biomass product sold with renewable raw materials.

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