Moelethi Mbeki, brother of former president Thabo Mbeki, said the black middle class in South Africa wanted to consume at the same level as whites.

Moeletti spoke to Dennis Davies on eNCA.

Mbeki said the black middle class in South Africa is a consumer class.

“In order for them to consume at the level at which the whites consume, they have to tax the South African production system. Now, when you do that, the reality is that you’re not growing the economy. You are actually underdeveloping the economy.”

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Mbeki said that to achieve greater equality in South Africa, people must invest in the economy.

“But it’s not in the best interest of the black middle class today, the black middle class wants to consume today. That’s why you see them driving these giant SUVs, 4x4s, living in this huge mansion that white people live in,” he said.

“They don’t want to save and invest in a production system that will then raise everyone. This is the reality of the black middle class in South Africa. He is not interested in the industrialization and upliftment of all. They are now interested in their own consumption by taxing the existing economy.’

Mbeki said the standard of living of the black middle class was based on public sector wages.

“You can’t use public sector wages to achieve the same standard of living as whites in the private sector.”

When asked what policies would create a more equal society, Mbeki said he would not start with African National Congress (ANC).

“Obviously, we know that after 28 years, this is not the program of the ANC. The ANC’s agenda is to put resources into wages because the ANC’s agenda is to advance the welfare of the black middle class, not the welfare of the mass of the South African people. So you won’t get that from the ANC.”

Mbeki said the ANC would not change this policy even after 28 years.

“If you give the ANC another 28 years, you will get the same. So we have to have another political party competing with the ANC with a different agenda.”

In May, Mbeki painted a scathing picture of Cyril Ramaphosa’s leadership, saying the president was not a leader but an agent of the party.

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