South Africans remain suspended as the KwaZulu-Natal High Court in Pietermaritzburg awaits a decision by the Supreme Court of Appeals (SCA) on Jacob Zuma’s request for a “revision” – while the former president delays another delay because of his case. .

According to lawyer Ulrich Roux, although no one could make another postponement on the matter, the story proved that Zuma was willing to do anything to delay the case again.

“Zuma has appealed to SCA President Mandisa Maya, and she still needs to decide on his application to reconsider his special dismissal; and have not yet received a response from the DHA, ”he said.

“No one can do anything about it, it depends on the SCA, and Judge Maya obviously didn’t deal with it, so unfortunately we just have to wait for the results of a special petition in court and then it convenes.”

Ru said that until the SCA responds, the trial will be adjourned. However, he expressed hope that the National Prosecutor’s Office (NPA) would also like to move forward.

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“Then, hopefully, the decision of the SCA will be made by August 15, this is the date of the next appearance,” he added.

However, Mthunzi Mhaga of the NPA said the director of the KwaZulu-Natal prosecutor’s office was still considering Zuma’s request for a nolle prosequi certificate.

Attorney General Billy Downer has expressed concern over the long delays. However, Judge Pete Cohen urged everyone not to consider the process of further appeals or further statements on the way to appeal.

“Naturally, as I pointed out at the last appearance, the state is intimidated by the length of delays, the impact on the administration of justice,” Downer told the court.

Meanwhile, legal expert Professor James Grant said it made absolutely no sense what criminal behavior Downar was supposed to commit.

“I have no doubt that Zuma is trying to delay his trial with this strategy. It was his strategy all the time, which is well documented, ”he said. “I have heard the accusations and am struggling to trace how this could lead to an offense by Downar.”

Zuma’s legal team filed the application after the SCA in March rejected his appeal to remove Downer from prosecution in a corruption case. The Bloomfontein Court of Appeals agreed with Cohen’s decision last October to reject Zuma’s application to remove Downar from the case.

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The SCA felt that Zuma’s appeal had no reasonable prospect of success and there were “no other compelling reasons why the appeal should be considered.”

However, the legal team of the former president asked Maya to reconsider this decision. Zuma wants Downar to be dismissed from his corruption case because he claims the prosecutor was biased against him and leaked Zuma’s confidential medical records to the media.

Downer and the NPA strongly denied the allegations and accused Zuma of delaying tactics.


Additional report by Tapel Lecabe

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